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Resonance Men

Resonance Men is a graphic novel about a group of old-timey gentlemen fighting mythical monsters… in dapper suits. It’s a lot of fun, and coming soon.

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The Ultimate Underfold

The Ultimate Underfold is an on-going webcomic series. When Brian and his friends try to become superheroes, they’ll inadvertently save the world… but from what?

Issue #1 | Issue #2

Bonus Comics

Bonus Comics are comics about an assortment of random things that I find funny. Everything from Doctor Who to Game of Thrones to The Legend of Zelda.

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Graphic Novel Reviews

I generally review comics you can purchase in a store. I’ve reviewed everything from Atomic Robo to Zita the Spacegirl to I Fight Giants.

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Silver Age Underfold

The original The Underfold webcomic ran from 2008-2012. It focused on a group of friends and often poked fun at pop-culture, tropes and movies.

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