Everything else

Haunted House

There's no point in a ghost hiding anything. You can see right through him.

The Reunion

The real joke is that I'd never go in the first place.

Clean Eating

I can't believe I'm not losing weight.


There's puns and then there's just forcing words to have "pun" in it, and only one of these is actually a pun.

Everyone Has One

Maybe social media ISN'T so different from real life...ALSO: I was interviewed on a podcast with The Womb Mates (Facebook/Twitter)! Check it out!

TV Shows

I don't have time to cut TV show and movie references from my vernacular.

Mobile Notifications

Poor LinkedIn. The epitome of only getting called when you need something.

Task List

Any one else with full task lists where everything is a priority?

Five Nights at Freddy’s…but for parents

How are kids SO clumsy during the day and friggin' ninjas at night? It's terrifying.

EVERYTHING IS FINE | The Deepest Sleep

A new video of me playing a spoopy game!? YUP.