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Captain America: Civil War / Game of Thrones Crossover Event

When Captain America: Civil War meets Game of Thrones, things get awkward real quick.

The Meat Agenda

It's funny when you put something in a different context how silly it all sounds. 

The Helpful Spider

Spiders are actually pretty helpful, but... yeah, no.No thank you, Mr. Spider.

I’M A BIG BABY (or Let’s Play Deep Sleep)

So, in my first public attempt to play a horror game, I played Deep Sleep by scriptwelder. It was creepy, atmospheric, and fun.For the...

The real reason Ben Solo went to the dark side

SPOILERS! AMIRIGHT?Everyone wondered why Ben Solo turned to the dark side. Well here you go, straight out of Star Wars Episode VIII. Man. What...

Playing Dark Souls 3

I tried the first Dark Souls game and found that it wasn't for me. I died about 15 times just trying to get through...

Immersive Parenting

So many people are poking fun at lonely people using virtual reality to live in a world where they have friends...but what about the...

Rogue Complaints

Listen everybody. Everybody.If you are like the man in the comic above with strong feelings about girls and cooties and gender roles and blah...


This has been a moment in the life of Brian. Anyway, hope you all liked this delve into my life. It's a real gift and...

Bandwagon Splash

Happy April Fool's Day everyone. Hope you don't get caught up in weird legal battles with everyone stealing your ideas.