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Yes, the Creature Removal Department agents, Newman and Gwen, are back and in print this time in Newman Volume 1! Now on Kickstarter!

Charles and Frank get up close and personal with the Sirrush in today's page of Resonance Men!

Personally, I hate it when a TV show gets cancelled before it is allowed to finish up, or even have a wrap up season....

If you're into villains, shape-shifters, knights, wizards and all of that fantastical jazz, then you'll love Nimona.

Looks like Frank and Charles are in for a right thrashing, eh, old chap?

What do you get when you cross all the best, fun parts of My Little Pony with The Goonies and summer camp adventure stories? Lumberjanes. That's what.

Charles let's the dragon feel the full power of his mysterious firearm in today's page of Resonance Men!