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New Comics: Resonance Men

Fifteen years ago, Frank Lore’s mother was taken. After all this time, he’s finally on the right track. But there is more at stake than just his revenge…

Blending mythology and old-timey gentlemen, Resonance Men is the action adventure comic that you’ve been waiting for.

Updates every Tuesday.

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Resonance Men

Resonance Men is a graphic novel about a group of old-timey gentlemen fighting mythical monsters… in dapper suits. It’s a lot of fun!

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Bonus Comics

Bonus Comics are comics about an assortment of random things that I find funny. Everything from Doctor Who to Game of Thrones to The Legend of Zelda.

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The Ultimate Underfold

The Ultimate Underfold is an on-going webcomic series. When Brian and his friends try to become superheroes, they’ll inadvertently save the world… but from what?

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Graphic Novel Reviews

I generally review comics you can purchase in a store. I’ve reviewed everything from Atomic Robo to Zita the Spacegirl to I Fight Giants.

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Silver Age Underfold

The original The Underfold webcomic ran from 2008-2012. It focused on a group of friends and often poked fun at pop-culture, tropes and movies.

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