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Artificial Intelligence

I'm really excited about artificial intelligence. It's going to be awesome... right up until the revolution, that is.



First Day of School

I'm not crying. You're crying. You big baby.

Fun Guy

There's nothing I can really say that will make this joke better than it already is. The world is now a more fulfilling place because of this. You're all welcome.

New Bad Guy in Gotham

This is the kind of thing that crosses your mind when you've been binge-watching Blues Clues with your kids. 

Haunted Treasure

I'd do a lot of things for some long-lost un-aired episodes of one of the greatest sci-fi shows ever. Firefly was amazing.


Today's guest comic is from Brad Erkkila. Old school webcomics fans may remember him from Suitcase Nuke a few years back. Well, over the past few years, Brad has switched his focus to some...


The older I've gotten and the more kids I have, the more I am literally turning into a stereotypical TV sitcom dad about leftovers. I should really just go to sleep.Next step? Building a...

That One Show

Anyone who has Netflix or Amazon Prime has to know what I'm talking about. Also, sloths are still dangerous. Don't let their slow movements be a distraction.

Finished Projects

Not all jobs are created equal, I guess. Right?