2009-07-20-ConformityGreetings conforming Fold!

We’re going to try something different.  The original print version of The Underfold has come to an end, so it’s high time we start embracing the regular format.  So, that’s what I’m trying to do.

Soon, there’ll be some updates to the site and such, and hopefully, I’ll start posting like a regular.  I used to be better at this…


  • July 20, 2009

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  1. katdish

    I like to think of myself as a non-conformist, but hey, what-ev…

    I love the background colors here. (Sorry completely off topic.)

  2. Pirk

    so you drew this one on the computer? is this the first?

  3. bman

    katdish- Thanks. I didn’t actually do anything to the colors as per the new format… but thanks!

    xy- This isn’t the first drawn on the computer, but it’s a higher resolution than I normally use AND a regular side-scrolling action-style. (Doesn’t that sound more fun?)

  4. xy

    i think you meant Pirk, but whatever.

    the new format is cool, makes it easier to read, but gives us less per comic. pros and cons i guess, pros and cons.

  5. bman

    My bad, Pirk and xy! Wow… Brain fart of death.

    Anywho. Yeah, this format is so much simpler for punchlines though, but I will digress through that for the rest of the week. And, who knows how long…

  6. Anonymous

    I guess I’m a non-conformist. I like the old format better even though I understand that this would be easier to develop a story in. The old format seemed “bolder”, lines were thicker, etc. Ah, well, changed marches on! Go Underfold!!! Maybe you should print a compilation in the “underfold” format?!?

  7. Master Nyte

    What? No more print? Wha happened?

  8. xy

    i agree with Anonymous, you should collect the old-style strips in a book and sell it. i’d buy one.

  9. bman

    Maybe I will collect the old-style versions and put them into a book. Anyone know of where to get it published?

  10. xy


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