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Science In Progress


2009-08-18-Science-in-ProgressDear faithful Fold,

I apologize for my failings.  Especially after saying that I would make it up to you.  Amidst all the craptasticness of working too much and hardware/software failures… I’m pretty sure I’ll be back on schedule.  As to what that schedule is… I doubt it’ll be 5 times a week.  That’s a bit much, but perhaps I’ll go back to twice or three times?

What do you think I should do?  I’ll let you decide.  (I’ll also accept going back to the old style as an option.)  I’d really like to know what you think.  If we can get 10 comments (at least) and pull a consensus from it, I’ll do whatever it is.



  1. i agree that 5 days a week is way to hard. perhaps 3 would be better? many comics use the Mon Wed Fri schedule and it seems to be pretty successful.

  2. 3 times is good. Actually, I would be okay with just one a week as long as we know when! Oh, and the new format is growing on me, too.

  3. Consistency over quantity dude. . . whatever your creative little brain can handle consistently. . . which seems to be the 2x a week deal. . . ESPEECIALLY now that you are like 24 weeks behind in your work 😉 Try 3 if that works for ya. . . but 2 seemed to be your consistent number. . .

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