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Strolling Through The Multiverse


2009-10-07-Strolling-Through-the-MultiverseGreetings multidimensional Fold!

Who here believes in the multiverse?



  1. alternate realities are interesting, so i believe they could exist.

    sliders is less interesting, so i don’t believe it exists.

    sadly, only one of these things can be proven to exist and the other cannot.

  2. The thing about alternate realities is that they’re intriguing. Sliders had John Rhys Davies and automatically gets some play. Don’t write it off. Back in the day, it was awesome.

  3. Sliders was okay. they just ran out of ideas after awhile, which is really sad considering they could basically do anything they wanted.

    and jerry o’connell sucks more than i can adequately state with only the written word.

    the black guy was pretty cool though.

  4. You’re right. Jerry O’Connell does suck. But, wasn’t it the black guy from Ghost Busters in that show? He was awesome. Even if it wasn’t him, that guy deserves some awesome-credit.

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