2009-11-09-First-Team-To-Arrive-InterdimensionallyGreetings amazing Fold!

I’ve always said that if I was ever to try out for the Amazing Race, it would have to be with JB.  I just think it would be funny and awesome.

Would you all help me gain his trust and support on this?  Wouldn’t you watch us?


  • November 9, 2009

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  1. Pirk

    I wonder how Chinese people draw a stereotypical cartoon American

    1. bman

      I'm not sure, but if you've ever seen Amazing Race, they always have someone dressed up in stereotypical fashion next to the finish line. This isn't that bad.

      If I had to guess though, it'd be a fat white person with a wastebag stretched around their gut, a Hawaiian shirt, tall socks and sandals. Probably a hat.

      1. Him

        so, kind of like Tom Arnold?

        1. Pirk

          haha, like that Family Guy joke where Peter mistakes every Asian person for Jackie Chan, we all get mistaken for Tom Arnold

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