• January 15, 2010

2010-01-15-Artistic-SuccessGreetings artistic Fold!

Seriously though, there’s some artists that make a boatload of money.  I am not one of them.  Oh well.  What should I try to monetize?  Go.


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  1. katdish

    That word is so geeky – "monetize". I'm thinking we should have a FOTTSP etsy shop. Just think of all the crap we could sell.

    1. bman

      Heck, you could set up a FOTTSP store on Zazzle too. Think of all the tshirts we could create. And the mugs… and everything.

    1. bman

      haha! Good luck! You're still a bit ahead of me, so, you know, you're making a few more cents.

  2. the_original_xy

    you could sell ads on your body. that might make some money.

    1. bman

      hmmm… I'm intrigued.

  3. Meekrat

    I got something for you: Official "The Underfold" JB heads. Just get a sharpie and a bunch of brown paper bags and sell those for five dollars a pop, seven dollars signed. You could also get some smaller bags to make a bunch of Official "The Underfold" Fred puppets.

    1. bman

      Haha! I could sell them on Etsy!

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