2010-08-13-Apocalypse-OverGreetings bored Fold!

This strip is not a piece of false information.  Zombie storyline = over.  Monday we start fresh with non-zombie material!

Any final zombie comments?


  • August 13, 2010

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  1. Master Nyte

    I read Drunk Elephant AND Arkham Polytech, (have read and given up on quite a few more) and quite honestly. . . you always have the most fun story lines. . . I eventually give up on all other comics. . . but your ADD and randomness makes me comeback for more! Screw the fact that I know you (since most of your readers do) or the fact taht I had the opportunity to work dang near right next to you. . . I just freakin' love the underfold. . . even if I don't laugh, I'm ALWAYS entertained! Keep up the good work B-man! I'm really enjoyin' it!!!

    1. bman

      Thanks, man!

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