Orphans From Alderaan


2010-08-16-Orphans-from-AlderaanGreetings sponsored Fold!

This comic is actually based on a truth.  World Vision (the “help a child for $1 a day” people) was at the Star Wars convention here in Orlando this weekend.  However, they weren’t scamming people.  They were apparently selling off some sweet replicas.  A captain’s chair (don’t know where from) and a Han Solo in Carbonite (with glass over it so you could use it as a coffee table and scare your friends!) to raise money for kids and stuff around the world.

They apparently don’t care about the plight of the orphans of Alderaan.  But, we here at The Underfold, do care.  If you’d like to sponsor an orphan from Alderaan, please send your checks.  Would YOU sponsor one of these poor children? (Granted, they’ll all like 30+, but still)



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