2010-11-10-Why-would-Steve-Jobs-live-in-a-submarineGreetings submarine-protected Fold!

What kind of fuel do submarines need? What happens when they run out? Do you just drown… or…? Is a submarine the best way to protect yourself against the machines? So many questions about this whole submarine thing. It didn’t really work out for the people in either of the Terminator submarines… so…

What’s the best vehicle to protect yourself against a machine apocalypse?


Brian Russell

Brian Russell is a visual storyteller and illustrator. In 2007, Brian started the webcomic, The Underfold, blending his strange mix of geeky passions and his wacky sense of humor often leading to the most random of places. Since then, Brian has begun expanding The Underfold into a brand by Kickstarting a children's book about dinosaurs (What I Remember About Dinosaurs); starting a long-form series (The Ultimate Underfold); and beginning work on a new graphic novel (TBD)!

He is also a husband and a father (of two!) which he loves!

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