2011-01-26-I-am-awesome-at-the-internetGreetings internet-sensational Fold!

I mean, there’s no way to 100% get everything that the internet finds humorous in one comic… at least not one that is SFW. One thing about doing research for this comic that I found… there are some sick, sick people out there… THAT MUST BE SO RICH OH MY GOSH!

Can you name all 101 reasons to punch an adorable squirrel in the throat?


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  1. seekingpastor

    I didn’t know there was so much animosity being directed toward squirrels.

    1. bman

      Haha. Actually, it’s dolphins.

  2. Tim Karasko

    I’m fond of squirrels…

    1. bman

      I see they’ve never eaten through your trash can and pulled out your garbage only to fall in and die in your trash can of starvation. Sheesh.

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