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Daily Reminders


2011-03-30-Daily-RemindersGreetings valued Fold!

In the movies, there’s always the selfless hero who goes above and beyond to sacrifice himself (generalization) for the good of the group. It happens, but I think the norm is watching out for yourself.

On the bright side, Eye is terrible about remembering things.

What do you think of the new word bubbles?



  1. I find a sort of rounded rectangle allows for tighter word balloons. So I like it, I guess.

  2. Its like my grandfather used to always tell me when I forgot what my homework was. . . “Chris, write it down” and I would always say

    “But Poppy, I DID write it down. . . I just don’t remember where the paper I wrote it down on is. . . .”

    and it was always true.

  3. I can’t see a big difference in the new word balloons, but, looking back, I did sorta dig the thickness of the outside lines on the old ones. They are all very legible, tho, so that’s the main thing, and have some stylistic flexibility.

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