2011-05-11-How-Halo-Reach-Should-Have-EndedGreetings reaching Fold!

(I know I said I was only posting twice a week, but this is a BONUS COMIC!)

Today is my 4-year anniversary with my awesome wife! We’re going to find out what kind of baby we’re having today! w00t!

So, enjoy this comic about Halo Reach, and I’ll see you tomorrow with our regularly scheduled programming!


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  1. Dork of Night

    Hopefully it’s either a boy or girl! Congrats.

  2. Tony McGurk

    I’ve never seen Halo so I have no idea what it’s about. Great action comic though. Good luck with the baby thing, hopefully it’s not a stomach bursting alien…

  3. George Costanza

    This comic looks like it was drawn by an autistic 4th grader.

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