prank-call-refridgerator-runningGreetings pranking Fold!

All the usual gang is back and ready for some prank call action.

Trying to decide what sort of schedule would be best for posting BONUS COMICS (because 9/10 of my highest visits all year were to BONUS COMICS…) without alienating my main characters and the coolest regular readers of all time (that’s you!).

Any ideas?


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    Heh. Awesome. 

  2. William

    Poor Refrigerator, he just wanted to turn his life around after his wife left him and set him up to take the fall for all of her drug problems.  Poor guy.

    1. bman (The Underfold)

      It’s funny, because in my original idea, his wife was the oven and his children were the microwave and coffee pot. :P

  3. Xabichion

    As to the question actually asked… Maybe a once every 2 week thingy; that way you can put forth thinking/drawling time into the bonus comics, and drawing regular comic (*this is assuming you have pre-written the story arc; or at least the general direction the regular comic is going) **All of the above is also assuming you have time to draw *** Beer is good **** Oh Hai!

    1. Xabichion

      Forgot to mention previously, <3 mad attention to "fridge"'s eyes.

  4. Tony McGurk

    The fridge looks so ultra-upset that he will have to leave

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