2011-09-01-Selling-OutGreetings marketable Fold!

Thus starts this month-long story arc all about selling out created for fans of the regular comic! No spoilers from me! You’ll just have to come back to find out what happens.


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  1. Brad

    A month long? That’s like, planning and stuff. Whoa.

  2. Jackson Ferrell

    Once you have all the things, you can clean them.

    But in order to have all the things, you must first go to the bank, like an adult.

  3. Joshua Jenkins

    First impressions =

    the Eye is my favorite character, 

    makes a Hyperbole and a Half reference +1 Internets to you sir. 

    This could become quite the comic adventure. I am excited to say the least.

    – Mr. Joshua


    1. bman (The Underfold)

      Eye is my favorite as well. You are in good company! :D (oh, and thanks for noticing the homage!)

  4. Mark Stokes

    Fun stuff, Brian. Just discovering your strip, need to do some archive diving. Love the Eye gasp reaction in the third panel!

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