Greetings mega Fold!

Two things about this comic. First: I understand that Cutman didn’t actually have a gun like Mega Man. In fact, he had hands and threw scissors at people. But… I drew it before I remembered. Second, what is it with me and changing harmless video games into murder and drugs?


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  1. Brad

    I knew Megaman was a serial killer. Collecting people’s ‘powers’. Sure, you nut job, sure.

    1. bman (The Underfold)

      Haha. Yeah. He’s like Sylar from Heroes (when it was good).

      1. Validemail

        key-phrase when it was good, i e only just on the air. or totally off it

  2. Guest

    It’s “laser”, not “lazer”. A “lazer” is that which is to be charged and then fired.

  3. Jon

    Reminiscent of Salad Fingers

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