• November 8, 2011

2011-11-08-The-Effects-of-Caffeine-Withdrawal.Greetings caffeinated Fold!

This kicks off a whole new storyline to fill your every desire! This time, it’s infused with caffeine. Perhaps this has come from my sleep deprived mind, but don’t worry. It’s my best mind.

What’s your favorite coffee?


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  1. Jackson

    An auspicious beginning.

    For the readers, anyway. If you’re a comic character, finding your creator slumped over his desk napping is never a good sign, especially if your creator is also you.

    Should I be recognizing the Sock Friend? Has it appeared before?

  2. Brad

    I wish the water cooler was a coffee … warmer? Sure. Nice separation of your foregrounds and backgrounds! Neat.

  3. George

    This new storyline is right up my alley as I contemplate trying to forego caffeine. I’ll have to keep a close eye on this tale. :)

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