2011-12-29-Final-Fantasy-is-no-place-for-theivesGreetings thieving Fold!

Today’s comic is brought to you with fond memories and a collaboration with Eric of Nintendo Legend¬†(forging new friendships for retro gaming comics for the future)!

Here’s the music for the third panel if it’s not already stuck in your head.


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  1. Jackson

    Datatatah dah dah dat-dadahhh!

    Dah dah dah da-dah da-dah dat-dah, dat-dah dah dah da-dahhh…

    1. Chrish Dunne

      sang this in tune…

  2. Massoverride

    soon ninja…

  3. Oldmanjerry

    Try as I might, I cannot see this comic without thinking about 8-bit theatre.

  4. Andrew

    Nice, first FF1 comic I’ve seen and it’s a good one. LOL look how small that knife is :P Brings back the memories!

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