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Of Reunions and Shape-Shifters


2012-01-03-Of-Reunions-and-CeleryGreetings shifty Fold!

It’s a new year, and we’ve gone a long time without introducing any new characters. And, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this Rob character has been around since the beginning. Making him a shape-shifter means that he can literally be anything in the background. A couch, a phone booth, a car… the point is he’s been around the whole time. Just let that knowledge wash over you like a river over a stone. It’s really not important.

What is important is that these comics were majorly written by a friend of mine that recently realized how awesome the comic was. He actually wrote a good portion of the next few weeks’ strips, and a while back, he sent me in some guest strips that were pretty funny too (here and here)!




  1. He’s been around the whole time? And he could’ve been ANYTHING?! Well I’m just not sure whether to be creeped out at the possibilities of the past or excited for the potential of the future. Or, as I typically pick: Both.

  2. For a moment, I thought your greeting was not the word “shifty” and it positively shocked me. Then I looked again. Shock averted!

  3.  My, the continuity is especially retroactive today.

    In all seriousness, though, this is brilliant. And celery! “So the celery isn’t his natural shape?” “No! He shifted it!”

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