Please Exaggerate

Greetings hyperbolic Fold!

Yesterday was a rough day for comic-making, so I was running a bit behind schedule… like… when I posted the comic, it thought it was today… But, I posted on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ that the comic would be up late, and asked you to tell me what you’d be doing with your time while you waited. Then I added, “(please exaggerate)”.

This Friday 5 is dedicated to my favorites. And let me just say that Twitter had the most responses, while Google+ had the least. I’m not one to start arbitrary competitions, but… Facebook and Google+, are you going to let Twitter beat you?

Also, before we start, let me just say that this was an exercise in futility and I do not endorse anything you all said. Just sayin’.

    1. From Facebook: “I’m thinking gradually mounting hysteria. Culminate with running around screaming and waving my hands in the air, maybe even have a seizure? I’ll kinda play the grand finale by ear.”


    1. From Twitter: “I got this Heroin, should pass the time nicely”


    1. From Google+: “My 12ft iguana and I will be basking in the dying rays of a gorgeous Bahamian sunset on the deck of our cruiseship, while Radiohead plays their latest album for us live, and the greatest chefs in the world produce a massive buffet of the finest delicacies the world has to offer.”


    1. From Twitter: “Ride on my emu while eating a peanut buyer and jelly sandwich.”


  1. From Twitter:  (2 parter) “Work exhaustively on providing for a method to introduce beer into my mouth and down my esophagus as soon as possible.””Oh wait, you wanted me to *exaggerate*. My bad. Rephrasing: I will find a way to go *back in time* to consume beer instead”

Glorious. Come join in the conversation. We have a lot of fun! There was talk of suicide that’s not included, animal cruelty and more!

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