Power Rangers: An Undeniable Truth


Greetings mighty morphin’ Fold!

This comic comes with caveats:

  1. I haven’t watched Power Rangers since the (don’t judge me) second movie, so I don’t know if the newer Power Rangers fixed the problem of everyone not liking Yellow.
  2. Everyone knows that the Yellow Ranger was a better fighter (because it was a dude in the suit for some reason. Note that he/she doesn’t have a skirt like the Pink Ranger).
  3. I have someone close to me that was relegated to Yellow Ranger as she had 3 siblings and a sister who loved pink.
  4. To be fair, who liked any of the other characters but Red, Green and Pink (and eventually White) anyway? They were the main characters.
  5. I know that their mouths and faces don’t move, but this is funnier.

With all of those caveats, I stand by this comic.

It should also be known that every season of Power Rangers is available on Netflix streaming (at least as of right now…). Just sayin’.

I wonder what show my daughter will be clamoring to get home after school and rush through her homework to watch. Do kids still do that?

[UPDATE 05.07.14] There’s a new movie coming out, you guys! WOOOO!

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