2012-03-20-Internet-TrucksGreetings legit Fold!

Don’t read into this. Stealing is totally wrong.


Name the movie the hovertext is from!


  • March 20, 2012

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  1. Obscure Gentlemen

    When I buy from iTunes I feel dirty.

  2. Brad Sewell

    Kung pow! Weeoooweeooowee!

  3. Jackson

    I like to use Grooveshark and get free downloads off of Purevolume.com. Free and legal!

    1. Andrei Esca

      I use GrooveShark and Pandora. I also have old CDs that I converted into MP3. I mostly listen to 90’s songs anyway so I think I’m good.

    2. bman (The Underfold)

      I’m a big fan of Spotify. It’s like Grooveshark, except the artists get paid too!

      1. Andrei Esca

        Isn’t it the same in Pandora? The artist get paid too. I knew about Spotify but didn’t know that the artist gets paid too thus I opted to use GS.

        1. bman (The Underfold)

          Pandora pays. But Spotify isn’t like Pandora. It can be, but you can listen to what you want, not just randomized stuff.

  4. Brandon K Oliver

    I, ummmmm, still buy CDs.  I put them into iTunes later.

    1. Jackson

      I still buy CDs too.  I’ll gladly purchase all sorts of digital downloads, from games to ebooks, but when it comes to my music, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve bought it unless they throw in a jewel case and a disc to store it on.

  5. George

    I love that description. :) I buy most of my music now from Amazon Mp3 or either 7digital. It’s a lot cheaper and easier than going to Best Buy or something.

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