Greetings dino-Fold!

Today, I finished the interior for my upcoming children’s book, What I Remember About Dinosaurs! I was so excited that I went and made you the teasing-est teaser of a desktop background for you to enjoy in beautiful HD!

Just click on the picture for the large version!

There are no dinosaurs… it’s all tease. But, the colors are nice!

Stay tuned for more information which will likely begin flowing in as I start to look into making this book a Kickstarter page (so you can get goodies, and I can publish this beast)!


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  1. Johannsone

    Hey, tricker mctrickerson… desktop dinos!!

  2. Neal Edwards

    I like the TMNT font.

    1. bman (The Underfold)

      Isn’t that fun? I didn’t even recognize it at first. Haha. Think I should change it?

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