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  1. Jackson

    Do you really think the Kindle will obviate the need/desire for paper books entirely? I can see how it would cut into the book market, but is it really just a matter of time before the new technology completely eliminates the physical market?

    1. bman (The Underfold)

      I’m not suggesting that in the next few years it’ll happen, but the trend is definitely not just cutting into the book market. The next generation is already getting used to things like school books on tablets and e-readers… and much like the older generations who still listen to record albums, we will continue to claim the benefits of paper products, but no one will listen.

      As an author and creator, I think it’s an unfortunate turn. I like paper, and book design and such, but I’m positive it will be going away except as a nostalgia type thing. (Like how you can purchase a “vintage” record player)

  2. Dad

    As a person who loves conspiracy theories, my biggest concern with digital media is the ease with which it can be altered. We’ve already seen how revisionists love to alter history books. At least in Fahrenheit 451 they had to find and burn the books!

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