Brain Sucker Bonus Content

Greetings longing Fold!

I was looking through a notebook of mine and found the original script for this, then remembered that I had actually sketched it up! So, here you are, in all of its glory…

I realized after showing it to someone, that not everyone had heard this kid’s joke before.

Basically, you walk up to someone and start gently pinching you hand (like a crab) on the top of his/her head. You say, “You know what this is?” Regardless of what they say, you reply, “A brain sucker. You know what it’s doing?”

And they will likely say, “Sucking my brain?”

And you will reply, “Starving.”

Because they have no brain. Everyone else is stupid.

It’s always been one of my favorites. I still do it to this day. Success.

Also, progress is being made on the dinosaur book, What I Remember About Dinosaurs. I will keep you up to date on that as it takes root.

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