Adventure Time Gets Cooking With Breaking Bad



Curious, I stepped into the Land of Ooo not knowing what to expect. Now, I’m really into Adventure Time. It’s random, ridiculous and wonderful. Another thing that I love is Breaking Bad. While I’m not the first to come up with this idea (which I found out after the fact…), I still had a lot of fun creating this mashup of an homage. It would be an awesome show to watch, wouldn’t it? I think it’d be called, Cooking Time with Walt the Cook and Jesse the Addict.

You wouldn’t even have to change the opening song much…

Cooking time

C’mon grab your friends,

We’ll go to very distant lands.

With Walt the Cook and Jesse the Addict,

The meth will never end, 

It’s Cooking Time!


Your turn! What shows would you love to see a mashup of? 

(Unrelated note: Please check out our post about CISPA because it’s super-important that we do something about it.)

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