As of last week, the Kickstarter campaign for The Dragon Book and Other Stories has been successfully funded! As a reward, the video above is a live reading of one of the stories from the book, read by the author (a 4 year old girl).

If you’ve already backed the project, then this is great news because there will be tons of kids who get free books in hospitals and libraries!  But it’s also great news if you haven’t yet backed because whatever tier you choose, you’re going to get it and everything after this point just means more kids get free books!

AND Michael Regina just added TWO new stretch goals over the weekend! They’re a long ways off now, but we can make it with your help! Here’s the rundown of the stretch goals from the Kickstarter page:

  • $2,500 - We will create a new story PDF that all backers in the $15 up tier will receive.- LOCKED
  • $4,000 -  The whole printing gets a major upgrade!  If we reach this goal, I will be able order many many more copies for you all and to give to the kids we meet at hospitals.  Additionally every copy will receive an upgrade in paper quality and cover paper stock to an extra heavy duty cover for durability. - LOCKED
  • $7,000 - I’ll make a brand new print design for the book for you all to choose from, additionally everyone will receive a postcard of it and the cover. ANNNNDDD Story and I will add a second story to the extra PDF.  This tier is for all backers in the $15 tier up! - LOCKED
  • $9,500 - This is the big one.  If we can get to this number every copy of the book will be a hardback edition with no increase in cost for anyone.  We’ll be able to a bunch of copies to kids in hospitals and a great book  to you all.  We can make this happen!  Spread the word bout this book and what we’re doing for the kids! - LOCKED

As of this writing, we’re at $1575, so let’s get on the giving!

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