10 by Keith Giffen

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10Written by Keith Giffen
Illustrated by Andy Kuhn
48 pages, color
Published by Boom! Studios

10 is the story of ten people forced to play a deadly game of kill-or-be-killed. They’re each given an unmarked package containing a letter, a gun and ten bullets. The letter explains that they either play, or they die by another’s hand.

Personally, this one was a miss for me. I feel like most of my problems with it is that it all just seems so pointless.

The world isn’t set up to encase this sort of random violence, and there’s no point to playing other than not dying. Other stories have done it much better. Battle Royale for instance, the students are there because they were bad and if they survive, they’re free. In the Hunger Games, they’re not just fighting for themselves. They’re a metaphor for the struggles of the nation. Even in the indie-film, Series 7: The Contenders, the game was a reality show and the contestants were chosen by lottery of social security numbers. In all of the examples, the stage was already set. The violence fit, and it felt less pointless.

The art was good. Nothing too fancy. Seemed like a very similar style to The Walking Dead comics, but with color. Which, if the story had been better, or had more time to be fleshed out, the art would have faded into a fantastic story, but it didn’t.

I did read some other things about the story that said it was “adrenaline-packed” and I guess it was, but it just felt displaced. Like it was missing the other 100 pages of the story to make it work. To each his/her own, I guess. This one wasn’t for me.

Not only that, but the book isn’t available on Amazon! So, if you want to support The Underfold this week, you’ll just have to purchase something else!

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