How Facebook Pages Work

Facebook Pages can be great for driving traffic to a website, building community and sharing awesome content… when Facebook lets you see it.


The social media company has been on a kick lately of hampering a business page’s reach (how many people see posts). For instance, The Underfold has over 400 fans on Facebook. The average reach lately has been roughly 60 people.  That means that only 15% of people that have clicked “like” on our page (essentially saying, please show me updates for this page) are actually seeing it. 

But don’t worry, Facebook has a sure-fire way to help you reach the other people that have already agreed to see your updates by allowing you to promote your posts for a fee. And, as a page manager, this is now the only way to make sure that your own fans get to see your content.

It’s a shame, because way back when, The Underfold started on Facebook! But the company is poisoning the roots. There are a few measures that you (as a fan of a page) can take to be able to see the content you want to see!

A solution for fans


Go to whatever page it is that you want to see more of, and click where it says “Liked” and it will give you options to “Add to Interest Lists…” or “Get Notifications”. While it would be awesome if you felt so strongly about our posts that you wanted notifications, that may be overkill. Adding the page to an interest list will help you to organize your feed and potentially make it easier to see the content that you want to see.

So do whatever company you like on Facebook a favor and help them out where you can… because Facebook is getting expensive.

And if you don’t like The Underfold on Facebook, do it now!

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