I wrote a guest post for the Webcomic Alliance! Below is a sample, but you can read the whole post here: Webcomics and the Rise of the Mobile Web


I read a ton of webcomics. A virtual library of them. I love them and want for many of them to survive long into the future.

I also work my day job maintaining websites and optimizing my company’s website for the future. And that future is mobile-readiness. I read a report recently that said mobile is nearly 20% of global internet usage. This accounts for both tablets and smartphones, but there is one thing that’s for sure, the percentage is on the rise.

The Mobile Users are Coming!

For a growing number of people, their smartphone is their only internet source, and to a person who’s been on the internet for most of his life, that’s a crazy thought. It’s wild to think that people don’t care about huge monitors anymore. I spent most of my life trying to get a huge television, and now many people watch everything on their laptops, tablets, phones—all of the small screen devices.

This sort of mentality affects all of us in the creative realm, and this includes webcomics.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, I read a bunch of webcomics. And one thing that I see over and over is a neglect of mobile users. It comes in many forms—from web design to the comics themselves—and all of them are becoming increasingly important for us to no longer ignore.

As webcomics, I liken this to the fight that printed books are having against ebooks. Not everyone will buy into the new version, but for the creators that can adapt, there is a world of possibilities out there.

How You Can Adapt for Mobile Users

There have been a handful of webcomics lately that have been experimenting with different formats. Thrillbent is doing some interesting things to adapt to the webcomics model, and although I disagree with the way they’re doing it (I like my new comics pages to be new comics pages, but I digress), at least they’re doing something differently.

I recently did a reboot of my webcomic, The Underfold into a whole new format and new website. And here are some things that I decided upon to help myself keep mobile users in mind.

To finish the article and find out what I did, you can read the rest of the article at the Webcomic Alliance.

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