Greetings book purchasing Fold!

Where to buy and how much?

You can purchase Best Apocalypse Ever, at Amazon or CreateSpace for only $9.99!

Here’s some of my favorite parts of the reviews so far:

Best Apocalypse Ever The Underfold book cover“Reading these comics on the printed page is a delight unmatched by their digital counterparts, and the guest strip adds a bit of bang for your book-buying buck. So yes, you should buy this. It is a good thing. A very good thing.” –Mike P

“Of note for aspiring and practicing webcomicers, this collection lays out the evolution of a webcomic and an artist, with comments for nearly every strip. It’s always interesting to see the thought process behind strips, and here that thought process turns out to be just as funny and unpredictable as the strips themselves. ” –J.I. Greco

“What I didn’t expect was the cartoonist serving as strip archeologist, identifying all of the influences and where all the twists and turns have come from – like the television series Lost, Harry Potter, Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Amazing Race, Planet of the Apes (the Charlton Heston version – the one I saw in the movie theater when it was first released), Dr. Who’s phone booth, Avatar, Spiderman (I think) and zombies, among a lot of artifacts of modern culture. ” –Glynn Young

“There is something for everyone in this book. At least everyone if you are under the age 35. Let’s face it, older people don’t understand things like this. Only the really cool or really perverted ones do.” –Brian Hall

“From the standpoint of a writer, though, I loved Russell’s ongoing commentary in Best Apocalypse Ever about where his comic started and where it ended up going, and the decisions (sometimes last-minute decisions) that shaped the various narrative and artistic arcs of The Underfold. I felt like we were in a room, drinking beers, and he was giving me an inside look at his creative process, sometimes slipping me a joke on the underside of a napkin.” –Kevin Hodgson

Enjoy yourselves.