This is not limited to married couples.

Valentines Day

I never thought I'd be that dad, but... lo and behold. I have become death.Anyway...happy Valentines Day, ya nerds.

Pull the Plug

It works on everything else. Why not here?EDIT: I've updated the comic due to some great insight from a fellow redditor. I've kept the original and you can see it below. :)


Let's be honest for a second...anyone could tweet better than I do.My son just turned one on Sunday, so he's already a genius.

Star Wars

Listen, I would just rather talk about Star Wars than politics... OKAY?

Alternative Facts and Free Speech

It should be known that occasionally my wife and I will waggle our left ring fingers and taunt each other, "Suuuckerrr."And we're going on 10 years this year, so I guess it's all working...

Marketing Promises

Sometimes you just want to be asked first.

Breakfast of Champions

No self-respecting person eats cookies for breakfast.

I.T. Magic

Ever had an I.T. Guy fix something like it was magic even though you'd tried everything?Well...spoilers.


Yeah, well, whatever. I wanted to be alone. That was a choice. SO THERE.