Resonance Men launches January 5th, 2015!

I’m excited to announce that Resonance Men is launching on January 5th!What's Resonance Men? Where have you been? Ha! Just kidding. Resonance Men is my new webcomic series about a team of old-timey gentlemen who...

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Hope you get home insurance in your stocking!

Terrible Jokes Dump

Here's an assortment of jokes I found online in text form that I have turned into graphics. Enjoy. Do you enjoy terrible jokes as much as I do? Please share them in the comments section!

What I Remember About Dinosaurs only $0.99 on Kindle!

Hey guys! For the next 4 days, my children's book about dinosaurs (What I Remember About Dinosaurs) is available for only $.99 on Kindle! (regularly $2.99!)Just in time for the holidays!Get it today!  

The Top 5 Star Wars VII Trailer Variations

When the Star Wars VII teaser trailer came out on Black Friday, I was pumped. I watched it a bunch of times. In the weeks since then, people have been coming out of the...

What if Star Wars Used “Modern” Technology?

 Squish.While I was doing research for this comic, I came across this pretty cutesy/funny video of a 5 year old trying to talk to Siri. So there's that. And, for reference, here's the scene...

Resonance Men Page 2 Complete!

The full page is up and available for patrons of $5 or more! Resonance Men is a ton of fun, and I'm having a bunch of fun making it.Won't you join me in creating it?

My 3 Favorite Comics

If ever you were looking to get a good idea of the things I love about comics, look no further than Atomic Robo, Lumberjanes, and Hellboy.Each of these is full of mythology, action, fun...

Support Resonance Men on Patreon!

 For a good chunk of my life, I've wanted to be a cartoonist and a storyteller. You all have seen me mature in all of these areas over the last 10 years. With my latest...