Unfinished Business

There are consequences for your actions! Actions like taking your sweet time getting me my pizza. Yes. I hold onto pizza grudges.


Does this happen with other people and Oreos too? Pssh. Liars.


This is based on a true story. Real life, you guys. Real. Life.Growing my beard back as quickly as possible.

Planet Fitness

My resolution of going to the gym is working out.

New Year

2016 has sucked in a lot of ways and a lot of people are looking to 2017 as some beacon of hope... but I have reservations. BONUS PANEL

Gifts from Santa

I know it's my choice, but dang.

Rogue Fun

Brandon J. Carr did this AMAZING guest comic! GO LIKE HIS NEW FACEBOOK PAGE. You will NOT be disappointed. He's terrific.

Secret Weapon

DuckTales is coming to Disney XD. Rebooted.Honestly, though, if the art looks as good as it does in the poster... I'm excited about it. If you're sick of reboots of things for the value...

Earth and Moon [remix]

Reorganized to the new format for a new day and age.

Mall Santa