Tax Plan

The saddest part about this whole thing is that...I said something like this in real life and was met with silence. Some people.Also, you may recognize a special guest from Doodle for Food! She's...

Helluva Joke

Well, I guess this is the end.Nah, I'm sure I'll strike up a deal with the devil and be back in no time! From what I understand, he does this all the time. (I...

Bosses Day

It's really the best gift you can give your boss for Bosses Day, right?


I'll stick with my noise, thank you very much.Also, look at that special guest appearance of Lunarbaboon! Check out his HILARIOUS comics on Webtoons & his Website!

Google, Please

Be careful out there, you guys.

Joke Hat

What? You don't have a magical joke hat? You should get one.

Haunted House

There's no point in a ghost hiding anything. You can see right through him.

The Reunion

The real joke is that I'd never go in the first place.

Clean Eating

I can't believe I'm not losing weight.


There's puns and then there's just forcing words to have "pun" in it, and only one of these is actually a pun.