2009-08-02-EscapedGreetings confused Fold!

What you may not have known was that I work in the nursery at my church.  I’ve wanted to start up a new segment of The Underfold called the “Sunday Edition” for a while, where I create an Underfold comic strip in the nursery, amidst the chaos and kids while they all draw/scribble too.

So, today was as good a day as any.  I drew out my cells and the kid drawing with me said, “What are you doing?”

“Drawing a comic strip.”

“Oh.  Well, you can’t have a comic without superheroes.”

So, remembering that I made a comic book long ago using the stuffed animals in my room…  I drew out the characters (Here, colored by another girl) which he approved of, and then we crafted this ingenious, yet classic storyline.  Hope you enjoy the Bunny Foo Foo Adventures!

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