PETA, Native Americans And Explosions!

2009-11-22-PETA,-Native-Americans-and-Explosions!Greetings activist Fold!

Today’s Bunny Foo Foo Adventures focuses on several key issues of Thanksgiving.  I’m sure animal activists are surely getting upset about the insistance on killing turkeys that schools teach our young ones, and for people like me who think Native Americans (Indians) really got screwed over in this whole thing.  Oh, and no one likes getting blown up with blue-fire explosive arrows!

Anywho, this will actually have a SPECIAL Conclusion on Thanksgiving Day!  Hopefully not many of you will be checking it… but hey, if you are, I admire your fan-ship!

What do you do on Thanksgiving?  Protest?  Eat tofu?  Or do you ignore the genocide and atrocities and enjoy turkey because it’s delicious?

Seriously: Happy Thanksgiving week!


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