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2010-04-21-WikiNotableGreetings wiki-Fold!

I’m having a very interesting fight for having an article about The Underfold on Wikipedia.  It’s been kind of fun riling up the powers at be and “prove my worth” as it were.

What have you done that’s notable?


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    1. Sweet! Heck, I have very low notability. The only people that have interviewed me are at the DCR, and I write for that now… haha. BIAS'D!

  1. What if I write a "Review" in my personal blog, does that count? I'll so do it. . . that's notable right?

    I've also upset ministers, managers, companies, and religious organizations with simple, obvious, and very plain truth.

    I have been responsible for teaching young children how to become secret ninja warriors

    I helped bring the "freaks" into an accepted status at a former church that would have, otherwise dismissed them.

    Champion of the cause of Christian rock from back when it was common to hear arguments that it is just as evil as Marylin Manson

    um, probably done more stuff than that too. . . but I like to think of my self as a notable kinda guy. . . whether for fame, or infamy. . . 😀

    1. Quoting Master Nyte: "What if I write a "Review" in my personal blog, does that count? I'll so do it. . . that's notable right?"

      Hmm… I was thinking practically the exact same thing…but I'm fairly certain that presence in my blog would have no semblance of notoriety.

      1. Sure, just let me know where it is! That, or if you're on Wikipedia… add some stuff that you find informative (and non-biased) about The Underfold and some sort of reference to where you found it. Thanks, man!

        (By the way… I recently cleaned out my Google Reader and will be following along with your blog once again… instead of being a jerk.)

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