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Zombie Role Models

2010-06-30-Zombie-Role-ModelsGreetings instinctual Fold!

You never see a movie about a zombie whining about his poor situation like vampires always do.  Wow, yeah, it must really suck to be immortal and have super-human abilities.  Yeah, no, no, it sounds awful, you’re right…  NOT.

Name all the vampires that hate their lives as vampires.  GO!


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  1. There's always Edward Cullen, your favorite. . . but then again, if I sparkled in the daylight and was dating an "I'm a victim" drama queen, I'd hate my life too!

    Blade (if half-vampires count)

    Rayne (once again, half-vampire)

    really, any "good guy" vampire. . .

  2. I've got to say… mummies. Mummies HAND OUT the curses. Their speed is comparable to zombies and they move with purpose. They do something so unspeakable to you that I don't even know what it is! They suck out your soul or some such. Or strangle you while reciting bad poetry.

    1. But, aren't mummies also basically under a curse themselves? They're only back to kill the people that opened their tomb… well, except in the Brendan Fraser movies in which case the mummy is trying to make his kingdom come back. He's pretty cool.

  3. some number of vampires in Interview with a Vampire. the girl in Let the Right Ones In? Morbius from Spiderman.

  4. I think Count Chocula probably wishes he were alive so he could eat cereal. which I think is totally understandable

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