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Degrees Of Letdown

Degrees Of Letdown

2010-09-20-Degrees-of-LetdownGreetings arguing Fold!

This is an actual match-up suggested on Reddit.  I really don’t understand how Fringe and X-Files aren’t better match-ups, because they’re significantly more similar than LOST and X-Files, but whatever.  I guess as far as the fallen greats of television go, these are two of the titans.

What do you think?


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  1. I've never seen X-Files, but if it's really as good as Lost (sans last episode) maybe I should watch it.
    but actually, the whole last season of Lost was pretty sub par, in my opinion.

  2. X-Files and LOST are two different kinds of shows. Same basic genre, yes, but on the one hand, you have supernatural investigators basically dealing with a creature-of-the-week. Except for a few choice plot elements, X-Files had pretty quick payoff. LOST, on the other hand, was initially about a group of survivors both learning how to live with each other and trying to find their way home. Eventually, it became about things like random time-travel and mystical god-like (yet still incredibly human) beings. Also, LOST was a lot more reliant on inter-episode continuity. If I see a re-run of X-Files on, I can watch it without trying to figure out what the context is. If I see a re-run of LOST, well, I won't watch it because you can't just watch one episode.

    They're both good shows that work for different reasons, and in my opinion, they've both earned their places in their pantheon. As has Fringe, though Fringe really hit its stride with the second season and we'll have to wait and see if it has the same staying power as LOST or X-Files.

    1. Very interesting! I tend to agree with you about pretty much everything. I'm really thinking Fringe will be good for the long haul. They've got plenty to work from!

  3. Have you ever watched "Eureka" or "Warehouse 13"? They're both on the Sci-Fi Channel and I think they're both pretty good.

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