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Master Chief’s Feelings

Greetings spartan Fold!

Halo is a subject that I haven’t touched on much, even though it’s easily my favorite video game series. I think it’s mainly because of my lack of drawing abilities… but, with some practice, I was able to come up with this beauty.

Cortana never shuts up. She’s clearly in love with Master Chief, but after playing the game, I can’t imagine him reciprocating. Nag nag nag.


Also seen on G4TV’s Attack of the Blog!

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  1. That’s a pretty darn good drawing of Master Chief. And hey, at least she wasn’t as bad as Navi.

  2. I am playing Halo now! To be honest I try to skip the cut scenes if I can. So, nope, don’t have I clue what’s going on. I just shoot stuff.

    1. Oh, I imagine that’s a little better. I actually really enjoyed the storyline of Halo (even ODST and Reach and how it all fit together). It actually seemed pretty well thought out. Which… isn’t all that common for FPS games. 😀 Have fun shootin’ ’em up!

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