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NEW THING: Friday 5!

Greetings link-loving Fold!

In my travels around the internet, I read that links posted to social networks only last for about 3 hours. Some of the things I find, that’s just not enough time. So, I’m going to begin posting my favorite 5 comics that I find (not necessarily from that week) during that week and post them every Friday for Friday 5!

I will include a link to the great content AND some way to follow more of their work if available!

Without further adieu:

  1. Stay Down by Zac Gorman
    This guy is now one of my favorite artists and I just recently found him the other day. He has a site where he just draws Nintendo comics that are awesome. If you don’t believe me, you haven’t clicked on the link yet.

  2. Armstrong: Pocket Full of Posies by David Halvorson
    This is a full comic adventure labeled as “for my kids” by the author, but I loved it. The art is fantastic and the story is a ton of fun. I hope to create stuff like this for my daughter someday.
  3. Bear from Octopuns
    This is a great example of everything I like about this comic. Randomness, unexpected endings… all of it.
  4. Oedipusaurus Rex by jeffa 
    Last night on Twitter, I asked for people to send me links. This guy sent me his entire site, and this gem was sparkling over in the side bar. I saw the title and all I thought was, “If this thing has a ‘mom’ tattoo, I’m going to lose it.” I’ll let you figure out what happened.
  5. Space Zombies from Up Up Down Down
    I love this comic because I’ve always wondered this myself. And, if you’re astute, you can see one of the funniest visuals nearly hidden like an Easter egg in the second panel.
Hope you found some new stuff to occupy that time you’re supposed to be working today. If you want to send me your links, hit me up on Twitter or Google+. Or post up some links on The Underfold’s Facebook page!
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