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The Hulk Ruins Everything

Greetings poop-joke-loving Fold!

There have been a few times where I’ve mentioned my love for Brad Erkkila’s artwork. And a while back, when I made a BONUS COMIC about The Hulk, Brad had a much funnier scenario that he’d left in a comment. So, I decided to wait a few months (read: forgot) and follow up with him about creating this masterpiece which is sort of a prequel. I sort of helped, but only in the way that a little child helps with a puzzle.

Check out his comic, Suitcase Nuke, and follow him on Twitter because he’s awesome.

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  1. awesome! agreed, suitcase nuke (and his other comics) are awesome.  the kinda awesome that makes me question why i even bother!!

    1. Wow, thanks so much Colm! Trust me, there are plenty of folks out there who make ME question why I bother.

      Brian! Thanks for the kind words and the opportunity! I forgot about ‘RELEVANT IMAGE’. 🙂

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