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We Have Hands!

2011-10-18-We-Have-Hands!Greetings handsy Fold!

If you’re new around these parts, you might not realize why this guest comic is funny. Well, it’s because over a year ago, I decided to draw tentacles instead of hands. Call it lazy if you want, I call it genius.

Anywho, this comic is from a cartoonist friend, Jackson Ferrell of Sketch Comedy comics fame. He is a fellow meta-comics writer, and he’s reached out to help me keep up my buffer during all of this new baby stuff! He is a cool dude. He also hosted last month’s Adventures of Abe and Mr. Pennybags!  You should check out his website and follow him on Twitter!


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  1. this is funny stuff.. Hooray for fingers. They should of been picking their noses too, right? 🙂

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