Halo 3 Epilogue: Cortana and Chief Forever

Greetings loving Fold!

A sort of continuation of our Master Chief and Cortana love story.

If you’re not in the know, Halo 3 ends with ***SPOILERS?!?*** Master Chief entering a sleep chamber on the Forward Unto Dawn, and Cortana just… hanging out. Obviously, this is what happens after that. It’s like Tom Hanks and Wilson in Castaway.



EDIT (10/31/12): There is a web series based on Halo called Forward Unto Dawn and Halo 4 is coming out next week! A year ago, we had no idea! And it turns out, I wasn’t too far off in my portrayal of Cortana going a bit nutty. 🙁 Poor Cortana.

UPDATE (04/13/2014): Looking back at this post after playing through Halo 4 over a year ago… I still feel bad for how right I was in my portrayal of a crazy Cortana. The things we didn’t know… In all honesty, I might have teared up a little after Halo 4. Just saying.

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