Jesus is the Reason for the Season

2011-12-23-Christmas-GodGreetings virginal Fold!

Last year’s offensive Christmas was pretty spectacular. You should go check it out.

Other than that, have a merry Christmas weekend to all of you who’re off. And to those about to file into your jobs that make you work on the holidays, we salute you. You make escaping family functions possible, and for that, we thank you.

Also, if you’ve been hiding under an internet rock the following trailers have been released this week. Do yourself a favor and watch them.

  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • The Hobbit (Part 1)
  • Prometheus (if you’re unsure why you should be excited about this… it started as Ridley Scott’s prequel to Alien and is the first SciFi movie Scott has done since Blade Runner. Remember how good both of those movies were? Yeah. That’s why you should be excited about this.)

Happy Winter Solstice everyone.


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