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06 Comics Are Great


It’s true. Everyone should know it. When you write your own comics or books or make your own movies, you can make whatever you want. It’s fantastic. ¬†However, I’m all in favor of self-deprecation.

Anyway, I should also take this time to point out that Comics Are Great! is a podcast by Jerzy Drozd and it is wonderful.

If you made yourself into a comic book superhero, what would you be?

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  1. I completely forgot about Jerzy Drozd until this posting. Way back when, his were some of the first webcomics I got into independent of recommendations. I’m glad to see he’s still up and kicking. As for your question, I’ve turned myself into a super-hero/character twice. The first was in grade school, where I was a Batman-like vigilante called the Green Dove. He was Batman-like because I had every intention of pursuing this goal if the opportunity arose. It never did, but I did make comics about the guy and his universe for years. The second time was Fadeaway, who was a symbiote-infected mutant who lived in the Marvel Universe and messed about with the various mutant teams. The guy’s main thing was becoming intangible and invisible, which allowed him to fly, and the symbiote allowed him to have super-strength. At times, I’d also give him a pet duck. I’m choosing not to draw attention to further self-insertions, as I feel the character involved with that has finally found his groove.

    If I were to create a super-hero version of myself, I’d likely give him a low-level talent for telekinesis and teleportation, to start with, and perhaps a forcefield as well. In fact, now that I think about it, some sort of item/device that activated the power field would explain all three quite well. He wouldn’t necessarily be very powerful, but he would do his best. The costume would likely be a pair of goggles and something form-fitting but not skin-tight, perhaps green with black fringe. No idea what my super-self’s name would be, though.

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