Jackie Rose Part 1

For the month of July, we’ll be exploring the webcomic and forthcoming graphic novel (more about the Kickstarter in a minute), Jackie Rose by Josh Ulrich (Twitter, Behance Portfolio). To refresh you on the process, I’ll be posting one page of his graphic novel each Wednesday to give you a full sense of his storytelling abilities and art stylings, along with a portion of an interview to let you in on the artist behind the art, and also my thoughts on why I like his comic and why you should too! As there is a Kickstarter currently going for this particular graphic novel, each post for this will also include a call to action to back his project because it’s great and I want my copy of the book… Without further adieu…

Over the past year, I’ve gotten little snippets of this comic as Josh Ulrich has been retooling it. As far as I can tell, it was once a ten part epic which he still has available online, but he’s decided to reboot it with a new story and a slightly different take on the characters. The best part about Jackie Rose to me is that it’s like Indiana Jones meets Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow but instead of a handsome leading man, it’s a teenage girl. There’s airships, and air pirates. Kidnapping and tons of action adventure. Not only is the story exciting and great, but the artwork is quite impressive. Josh Ulrich is a professional colorist with tons of awesome comics under his belt (my favorites are the Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors and Simpsons comics he colored, but I digress), and it shows.

Last month, I was actually given a sneak peek at the unfinished Jackie Rose graphic novel (Volume 1) and let me tell you, it was great. So when I heard that Josh was going to start posting the whole thing as a webcomic AND starting up a Kickstarter for it, I was super-excited. What he’s done is crafted an excellent two part story, and he’s posting it all online Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and also holding a Kickstarter for people to get a print copy of the book ahead of when the webcomic will finish.

I chose a set of 4 pages in order to show you over the next few weeks that I feel have a nice scope for the story, characters and action. So, here’s the first page, and we’ll get to the Kickstarter details after the interview!

 Jackie Rose Page 14



Interview: Part 1

Q. When did you know you wanted to make comics?

Really it was only about eight years ago. I had done some writing in highschool, and I would draw on occasion, but nothing serious. I was growing more and more fascinated by the idea of making comics, but I always understood the enormous amount of work it would take just to get good enough to make the stories I wanted to tell. You have to understand that up to this point in my life, my whole future trajectory was based on me becoming a fighter pilot. We’re talking since I was 5 years old and understood what an airplane was. I was even in the Navy ROTC in college at the time, on my way to becoming an officer, when the comics bug bit me. Coming up on my junior year, I was really praying about what I should do, and that summer everyone not on scholarship was cut from the ROTC program. There were two people; I was one of them. From that point on I was pretty much all in for comics.

Q. How did you get started with comics?

I picked up an Action Cartooning book by Ben Caldwell, copied everything in it, then changed my major to graphic design and started taking every art class in sight. Then it was just study and practice every day. I got really into the Flight series, right when book 2 was coming out. That was the first time I saw the kind of stories I wanted to tell on the shelf. I spent a lot of time on the old Flight forums, learning from other artists and exposing my terrible work to them for feedback. That’s where I met one of my closest friends, Michael Regina, and from there we kind of stumbled in the dark together.



I’ll let him speak for himself for this bit. Link to the project after the video.

There are some awesome rewards for backing this project. If I was richer, one of the top-tier rewards is that he will color 24 pages of a comic for you! SOUNDS AWESOME! Ha!

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