Featured: Jackie Rose Part 2
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Jackie Rose Part 2

Today we continue July’s Featured Comic Series with Jackie Rose by Josh Ulrich (Twitter, Behance Portfolio)…

Last week, I talked about the overall graphic novel and how much I love it all, but today, I’d just like to highlight Josh’s storytelling. He’s got a great sense of pacing and structure that I think anyone will appreciate. Take the following page for example. It stands alone very well. There’s a wonderful tension built in. It doesn’t have to be said. The awkward teen romance is palpable.

But what I love about Josh’s work on Jackie Rose is that he never lets it settle too long. He keeps his characters moving. Jackie Rose is wrapped up in her own thoughts, and it shows. And her thoughts carry us into the next page. Each page has it’s own little cliffhangers that keeps you reading. And this is just one page of it! He has a deft hand at the action scene pacing as well, allowing the humor to be wrapped into the action in a realistic way without detracting from any of the gravity of the situation.

It’s great storytelling.

Jackie Rose Page 15c1013-copy

Interview: Part 2

Q. Where do you get inspiration for your comics?

Life, film, animation, and a handful of novels. Believe it or not, other comics are actually the smallest inspiration for my work, with the occasional exception.

Q. Are you a writer or an artist first? And how does that affect your process?

I am a writer who became an artist, to tell you his stories. I didn’t always treat my process that way, which is why my old stories are such a mess. When it comes to my graphic novels, I don’t start drawing anything until I have a solid script worked out that’s been torn apart several times by my peers. Then I thumbnail the whole thing to make sure it works.



Kickstarter Update!

For one thing, it’s already well-over 50%! Awesome!

There are some great rewards to be had if you wanted to back the project. You can get yourself drawn into Book 2 as a pirate! How cool would that be? At some of the most expensive levels, you can even hire him to do the coloring on your comics/illustrations!

I’m so excited about this book, and I hope you all will help it become a reality!

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Tune in next Wednesday for more Jackie Rose!

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