Mercury by Hope Larson

mercury-hope-larson-reviewWritten and Illustrated by Hope Larson
240 pages, black and white
Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Having heard many good things about Hope Larson‘s work, I jumped at the chance to read Mercury, and was glad I did.

Mercury is a young adult graphic novel that jumps back and forth between two storylines spanning many decades. One is of a girl and her mom who’ve moved back to their home town following a fire that destroyed their old house. The other is of a family trying to make ends meet in the wilderness of the Canadian north many years ago… in the same house that burned down.

The two stories are wonderfully intertwined and keep your rapt attention. I found myself constantly trying to guess what the connection point would be, but Larson has some tricks up her sleeves that were wonderful to read. She is a fantastic storyteller!

Did I mention the artwork is also superb? It is. A great work in black and white. Larson clearly has an talent for creating engaging art. As proof, think about this: the main character’s eyes are large and awkward and give away a sense of inexperience and vulnerability, while at the same time giving the her a harshness. It’s really great.

There is some language in there that I’m sure most kids have heard before, but as a parent I feel like mentioning it.

Great story, fantastic art… What are you waiting for, get a copy for yourself!

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