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A Galactus Far, Far Away


I can’t remember why I came up with this comic about Galactus, but I did. I’d never drawn him before, but I decided to go with the more classic version of him.

Fun fact: I began to wonder how Galactus was white if he’s just getting all of these UV rays from all the stars everywhere with no atmosphere to shield him. This has no bearing on really anything except my curiosity, but if you have a theory other than, “he’s an alien” let me know.

Also, a few updates!

I recently released the digital download of The Ultimate Underfold issue #1 last Friday! You can read ahead of your friends if you’d like and get some desktop backgrounds in the process! It’s only $1, but you can donate more if you’d like (which is always appreciated). Click here to get a copy!

At the end of the month, I’ll be tabling at Creative Con in Panama City, FL! It’s free to get in and should be a lot of fun! If you live in the area, come meet me! I’ll have my dinosaur children’s books, some bookmarks, and some magnets for sale! I’ll be doing other things and such too. It’s my first convention to have a table at, and I’m surrounded by some cool artists, so check it out! (08/24/13 10am-4pm)

Not only that, but I’m confirmed to be in Artist’s Alley at MegaCon 2014 in Orlando! I’ll be tabling alongside Michael Regina (Adamsville) and Josh Ulrich (Jackie Rose) too! So that’s exciting. If ¬†you’re the kind of person that travels to conventions to visit people, you know… I’ll be at this one, so come see me!



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  1. I was trying to think if some clever pun to express how awesome this comic is…but I keep scrolling up to read it again instead! Brilliant crossover, all while poking good natured fun at the saturation of crossovers! LOVE IT!

  2. At least in the comics I’m familiar with, Galactus flies around in a spaceship. It’s where he keeps the machines that turn planets into energy. Also, somewhere along the line they floated the “Galactus looks like whatever the planet’s dominant species looks like” idea.

    1. Sounds legitimate enough. I think basically, they started out making all of the comic book characters white until it wasn’t okay anymore. lol

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